Your front yard is the first impression of your home that guests see. Front yard landscape designs should be inviting and should encourage guests to approach your home in a welcoming manner. Stairways, sidewalks, and pathways are the most effective way to achieve this. Because the design of your front yard sets the theme for the rest of your outdoor space and will draw focus and attention to your home, it is a very important aspect of the overall landscape. Marin landscaping is a joy to behold!

Initial Design

We can be there from step one until the final touches.


No matter the size of your project, we can handle it.

Water Features

Combining Design, Creativity, and excellency to bring dreams to life.

Rock Gardens

We work with many different types of matterials, stones, and synthetics.

Retaining Walls

We help ensure your landscaping investment matures to its fullest potential.

Outdoor Kitchens & Lounges

Even if all you need is to beutify, Marion Landscaping is right for the job.

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