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Marion Landscaping is fully insured and licensed. Marion has expertise with stellar history in offering a variety of top-notch quality Landscaping Design Services to its beloved clients . Suppose you are searching for the best landscaping Marin County. In that case, you must consider Marion Landscaping, who is pioneer in high-end quality landscaping & landscape construction services to Marin Country and surrounding Bay Area Homeowners since 1990. The main aim of Marion & its team is to bring your outdoor dreams comes to fruition. 

Marion’s team features a cost-conscious solution. We are always delivering the projects on budget and time. Our landscaping services include the complete installation & design. Our enhancement & maintenance services include the complete maintenance program. We will indeed create a reliable environment for enjoying quality time with your beloved friends and family outside.  We are also running the seasonal flower program.

If you are searching for the Best Landscaping company in Bay Area that will design gardens according to your requirements, you should choose Marion. 

Landscaping Services Throughout The Bay Area.

Marion Landscaping provides cost conscious solutions. Our projects are delivered on time and on budget, utilizing the best local craftsmen and highest grade materials. We design in a wide variety of styles, from Cottage to Japanese, and specialize in Mediterranean and West Coast Native. Whatever the style, plant selection is tailored to be harmonious yet lively and unusual. We always design with an eye towards immediate enjoyment as well as the long-term health and beauty of your garden.

Our landscape services include complete landscape design and installation, including irrigation and night lighting, natural stone and paver hardscaping, and water features. Our maintenance and enhancement services include scheduled maintenance programs, one time maintenance or “get well” visits, mulching, seasonal flower programs and custom container gardens, plus lawn feeding and weed and disease control programs.


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